Return to Phillies Phantasy Camp

Last night was the orientation session for the upcoming 2012 Phillies Phantasy Camp. This will be my second go round, and I am extremely excited. You can read all about it here.

2012 Phillies Phantasy Camp Orientation

2012 Phillies Phantasy Camp Orientation

2012 Phillies Phantasy Camp Orientation

2012 Phillies Phantasy Camp Orientation - Cap Sizer

Game 5, 2011 NLDS lineup card for the Phillies

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4 thoughts on “Return to Phillies Phantasy Camp

  1. Sarge, I’m so excited to see you’ll be back this year. I’m the autograph guy who knew you from your blog last year. Out of curiosity, do the phillies send you info on who the pros will be?

    • Hey Ben,
      Absolutely, I remember you. So far, they have mentioned Bull, Kruk, Samuel, Lieberthal, Stocker, Andersen, Noles, Eyre, and Milt Thompson. They also have Gary Matthews, but for some reason, when I was at orientation, I thought I heard something where that wasn’t set in stone. I’m hoping so. I have a feeling they get last minute changes. Last year Keith Moreland was supposed to be there, but did not come, but Scott Eyre ended up showing up. I’m glad he’s on board again, he was really great.

      • So ….. I’m getting to go to this thing….. exactly how in shape do I have to be?? Sounds like it’s going to be fun!! Happy Holiday, Jim

      • You have to run at least a 6-minute mile, bench press one and a half times your body weight… no, trust me, do not worry about that. However, like they keep stressing in all the literature, definitely stretch a lot. That’ll be the key to be able to get through the entire camp. Every day they start out with group stretches. It makes a world of difference. I’m excited for you going for the first time! It’s the absolute best. See you down there!

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