Ulysses the Italian Mastiff, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

18-200mm lens at 24mm, f/10 at 1/30 sec.

One of my favorite aspects of the Memorial Day Weekend in New York City is how incredibly quiet it gets. I like noise. I wouldn’t be living here if I didn’t. But for one brief moment, it’s so nice to have the whole place to yourself. My wife and I went to visit our dearest friends at their apartment in Bushwick. There would be grillin’-n-imbibin’ on this Memorial Day eve. More importantly, we got to see for the first time, their new edition: a gorgeous male Italian Mastiff. As usual, the bigger and more ferocious-looking the dog is, the bigger the mush he or she is. This guy just stole our hearts. It makes me so proud that my friends are raising such an amazing animal because, well, I named him. The Nation of Ulysses must prevail.